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President Of Australia

Posted in Observations by Vladimir Antropov on January 30, 2012

A friend of mine, John, once scolded his son Tony for something and, by way of punishment, prohibited him from playing computer games. The boy declared that it was a violation of his human rights and threatened to call President of Australia and complain.

“No problems,” said John, “if you can find a phone number of President of Australia, I’ll allow you to play computer games.”

Five minutes later the young Google adept proudly demonstrated a page with a phone number of Julia Gillard.

John looked incredulously at his son, “So you think that Julia Gillard is President of Australia?”

Staring in his father’s round eyes Tony realised that something was definitely wrong. Then the penny dropped…

“Right, Dad, Julia is the Prime Minister, but who is the President?”


The Origin Of Trance

Posted in Thoughts by Vladimir Antropov on January 18, 2012

Yesterday I had an MRI scan. Now I am thinking that all trance musicians are regular MRI patients. There is no mistaking those rhythms.

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Road To Nowhere

Posted in Observations by Vladimir Antropov on January 10, 2012

Driving from Port Stephens to Sydney I came across this sign:

Since my destination was Sydney, I turned left, no problems, but looking at the sign I couldn’t help wondering why someone bothered to build the road to the right…


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