Vladimir Antropov

Elements Most Often Found in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld

Posted in Observations by Vladimir Antropov on February 19, 2013

(Inspired by Chekhov’s Elements Most Often Found in Novels, Short Stories, Etc and, naturally, by Pratchett’s Discworld)

Discworld, geology and geography thereof. Usually at the beginning.

Death the Grim Reaper, Death the Cat Lover, death.

Going right through and out the other side.

Things that you know where you are with.

Consequences of uttering the word “monkey” in the presence of an orangutang.

Pointy ends.



Things that happen to other people.

News like <insert the protagonist’s name here> spreading fast.

Topologically impossible description of Ankh-Morpork’s foundation.

Quantum as a default explanation of everything (or, at least, of anything that the author didn’t care to explain humorously).

Darkness that is more than simple absence of light; silence that is not just mere absence of sounds.

Rubber sheets.

Running, more often from than to.

Laws that are just guidelines.

Wheels rolling out of wreckage.

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** Often the funniest part