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2013 Trip to Tasmania – Day 1 – Bargain Car Rentals

Posted in Actions by Vladimir Antropov on December 17, 2013

Bargain Car Rentals office was closed. We arrived to Hobart Airport at 10 am on Sunday, their working hours started at 9 am but the office was closed. There was a piece of paper on the door with a phone number which I was asked to call if the office was unattended. As it was a mobile number, I assumed that it belonged to a local office worker. I dialled it and explained that I was waiting at the office door.

“What office?” I was asked. Well, I knew that Hobart wasn’t a big city so maybe they had just one employee who served all Hobart offices on request.

“Airport,” I replied.

“In which city?” asked the person on the other end with a note of annoyance in the voice. My next thought was too crazy to think. Could it be that the same guy served all… nah, impossible! (more…)


2013 Trip to Tasmania: The Plan

Posted in Actions by Vladimir Antropov on December 11, 2013

In the first week of December 2013 we visited Tasmania. The timing was critical as Olga wanted to see fields of poppy and lavender and there were only two weeks in a year when they blossomed at the same time. We also planned to visit other, season-independent attractions which included landscapes, seascapes, historic sites, wineries, breweries, distilleries, local gourmet food producers, and all this in just 8 days!

We decided to fly to Hobart and rent a car there rather than use BYO car option. The ferry fare alone was the same as the car hire cost to say nothing about saved accommodation expenses and time. To give ourselves even more time we did not return to Hobart but flew back from Launceston.

During our trip we stayed at 5 different places which you can see on the map below.

Photos, impressions, reviews will follow soon.

Hamilton Island

Posted in Actions, Observations by Vladimir Antropov on December 10, 2013

Hamilton - aerial viewIn June last year we spent a week on Hamilton Island. In many respects it was a unique trip. For one thing, it was our first beach holiday in Australia, the kind when after breakfast you ask yourself what you are going to do all this time before lunch. In contrast, our previous holiday trips were thoroughly planned affairs which involved booked motels (a different one each day), long hours behind the steering wheel and, the worst of it, early wake-ups, because you only had so much time before the sunset. (more…)

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Thanks God It’s Friday

Posted in Actions by Vladimir Antropov on April 7, 2011

This will be my screensaver tomorrow:


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