Vladimir Antropov

Seasonal Love-Hate

Posted in Thoughts by Vladimir Antropov on January 22, 2011

During a Table Topics session at a Toastmasters meeting one guy, Chris, was asked what he liked more – summer or winter. Trivial question, and he didn’t hesitate to give a simple answer – winter. “Ha!” thought I, “you wouldn’t say that if you saw Russian winter. It was one good reason for me to move to Sydney.”
In Table Topics a speaker can’t get away with a one-word answer – he should speak for a minute, so Chris continued, “If it is cold, you can put more clothes on. If it is hot, you can take your clothes off, but if it is even hotter, you have nothing left to take off – only your skin.”

“True,” agreed I, “but still, as a saying goes, heat doesn’t freeze your bones.”

Chris kept speaking. “Originally, I am from Malaysia. On an average summer day there you get 35°C, or, if you are lucky, just 32. It was one good reason for me to move to Sydney – the climate is so much better here.”

Okay, I’ve got his point. My idea of summer was a season where 35 degrees was an extreme, not an everyday experience. Similarly, his notion of winter had nothing to do with Russian under-zero reality. Nevertheless, coming from opposite temperature extremes, we both found Sydney’s climate beautiful.

Ironically, Chris the Winter Lover was, in fact, looking for a cooler summer, while I, a self-confessed summer addict, was pursuing a milder winter.  What is your favourite season?