2013 Trip to Tasmania: The Plan

In the first week of December 2013 we visited Tasmania. The timing was critical as Olga wanted to see fields of poppy and lavender and there were only two weeks in a year when they blossomed at the same time. We also planned to visit other, season-independent attractions which included landscapes, seascapes, historic sites, wineries, breweries, distilleries, local gourmet food producers, and all this in just 8 days!

We decided to fly to Hobart and rent a car there rather than use BYO car option. The ferry fare alone was the same as the car hire cost to say nothing about saved accommodation expenses and time. To give ourselves even more time we did not return to Hobart but flew back from Launceston.

During our trip we stayed at 5 different places which you can see on the map below.

Photos, impressions, reviews will follow soon.


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